Our Philosophy

On our purpose:

  • Precious human life is at the core of healthcare work.

On our expertise:

  • Consistent healthcare safety outcomes are the synergistic result of expertise in clinical operations, human resource management, risk services, quality improvement, infection prevention, facilities engineering, communications and conflict resolution.
  • We research and analyze with tenacity: Reality has layers. 
  • We excel at crisis intervention and corrective action plan deployment.
  • Our unique talents support the long-term growth of risk and safety programs through on-going education and expert consultation opportunities.

On teams:

  • Employees are our greatest asset and every vigilant voice matters.
  • Physician alignment, advocacy and accountability is vital to the high performing healthcare team.
  • Active recruitment of consumers and their loved ones to the high performing healthcare team is essential for consistent and outstanding outcomes.

On leadership:

  • Successful leaders prioritize healthcare safety culture as an organizational imperative.
  • Courageous leaders celebrate unedited transparency as an organizational imperative.  As Maya Angelou advised, “When you know better, you do better.”
  • Robust leaders champion every team member doing the right thing, every time.

On the Science of Healthcare Safety:

  • The work of healthcare is highly complex and based on human assessments, decision-making, and biological responses. 
  • β€œTo err is human,” thus the moral calling in healthcare is to engineer process safeguards that protect the consumer, worker, and organization from unintentional human error.
  • Exceptional healthcare quality dramatically shifts the axis of the bottom line. 
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