Risk Services

  • Independent analysis of serious healthcare safety and/or potentially compensable events, not limited to detailed medical record review, evaluation of organizational policies, provision of relevant standards of care and potential gaps in practice, and causation factors, along with risk mitigation action recommendations.
  • Leadership in Culture of Safety implementation, including organizational transparency in opportunities for improvement, policy development and review, value-based provision of care, and daily safety huddles.
  • Program development for new facilities or novice risk managers.
  • Risk program analysis during times of transition, which may include onsite assessment, phone and web consultation, and written reports based on best practices.
  • Organizational support for failure analysis, which may be root and/or common cause, via facilitation, education, evaluation, and/or partnership with current program leads.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of event reporting system management, risk data management, risk mitigation processes, and transparency in organizational communication, along with opportunities for improvement.
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